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The Law Offices of Tran & Iserhien, PC is a full-service law firm. Our firm’s practice areas encompass a diverse spectrum that reflects the diversity of our clientele. Our specialty areas include bankruptcy, business law, civil litigation, debt resolution and settlements, estate planning, family law, foreclosure defense, immigration and personal injury.

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Loan Modification

Law Offices of Tran & Iserhien, PC can lay out the options available to homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Every homeowner’s situation is unique; therefore, we work with our clients to tailor their applications and meet lender requirements. Call us now so we can help you save your home and avoid foreclosure.

Short Sale

Homeowners have the option of a short sale. Under this option, the homeowner sells the mortgaged property for less than the balance owed on the loan. The proceeds of the sale are given to the lender. Before the sale, the short sale negotiation begins. The goal is to convince the lender that due to the economic or financial hardship, the lender should agree to discount the loan balance. Therefore, after the house is sold the remaining balance is discounted.

Deed in Lieu

Homeowners can also avoid foreclosure by opting for deed in lieu of foreclosure. Law Offices of Tran & Iserhien, PC has helped many homeowners across the nation negotiate a Deed in Lieu with their lender. With this transaction, the homeowner signs over the deed or title of the property to the lender and in return the lender cancels the mortgage.


Bankruptcy is another option to avoid foreclosure. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy stops all foreclosure proceedings, possibly “strip” second and third mortgages, and give the homeowner a chance to reorganize and repay some debt and retain the house.

Contesting Foreclosure

In many cases, homeowners can successfully contest foreclosure proceedings. Law Offices of Tran & Iserhien, PC has helped homeowners in various cases find the legal grounds on which foreclosure proceedings can be challenged. Sometimes the mortgage company illegally filed the foreclosure proceedings.

Facing a foreclosure is stressful, confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, homeowners often give up, not knowing their options. We can guide you through your best option and help you keep your home.

Saving your home is our business. Do not wait until it is too late. Contact Us for more information.